Kandam Information

Kandam 1 - General ReportKandam 1 - General Report

This is a brief report that primes the prediction by giving a run through of the general biographic data of one i.e; name of the person, parents, siblings, spouse, children, profession,etc. and outlines the prediction about all the 12 houses in the horoscope of a person based on the planetary positions at the time of birth as mentioned in your Nadi leaf.

Kandam 1 - General ReportKandam 2Education, wealth, Prosperity, Family Life

Education,Fortune, Family Life will be discussed. This chapter also talks about the power of eye-sight and the ability to express through speech.

Kandam 3 – SiblingsKandam 3 – Siblings

Predicts the the number of brothers and sisters that one will have and address their relationship that they hold. The negative and positive aspects will be talked about.

Kandam 4 Mother Influence, PossessionsKandam 4Mother Influence, Possessions

The role and influence of Mother in their life , the benefits and issues that one might face will be addressed.Also speaks about the materialistic fortune such as house, vehicles, land and assets owned.